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700Pcs 35 Values Each 20Pcs 8pF-2.2uF DIP Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor Assortment Kit

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  • Product Code: lec008
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Product DescriptionSpecification:Nominal Capacitance : 8pF~2.2uF.Capacitance Tolerance: NPO +/-5; X7R +/-10; Y5V +-20.Temperature Coefficient: -55 to+...

Product Description


Nominal Capacitance : 8pF~2.2uF.Capacitance Tolerance: NPO +/-5; X7R +/-10; Y5V +-20.Temperature Coefficient: -55 to+125With Standing Voltage: 2.5X WVDC.Value: 35 valuesQuantity: 700PCS(20pcs in each type, may have a little errors)

35 values (8pF~2.2uF) DIP Multilayer ceramic capacitors Assortment kit 700pcs
No.CapacitanceAccuracyVoltagePin pitchQuantity
18RO  8PF±550V5.08mm20pcs
222PF 220±550V5.08mm20pcs
330PF 300±550V5.08mm20pcs
433PF 330±550V5.08mm20pcs
582PF 820±550V5.08mm20pcs
6100PF 101±550V5.08mm20pcs
7220PF 221±550V5.08mm20pcs
8330PF 331±550V5.08mm20pcs
9470PF 471±550V5.08mm20pcs
10680PF 681±550V5.08mm20pcs
11820PF 821±550V5.08mm20pcs
121nF  102±550V5.08mm20pcs
131.8nF 182±550V5.08mm20pcs
142.2nF 222±550V5.08mm20pcs
153.3nF 332±550V5.08mm20pcs
164.7nF 472±550V5.08mm20pcs
175.6nF 562±550V5.08mm20pcs
186.8nF 682±550V5.08mm20pcs
198.2nF 822±550V5.08mm20pcs
2010nF  103±550V5.08mm20pcs
2115nF  153±550V5.08mm20pcs
2218nF  183±550V5.08mm20pcs
2322nF  223±550V5.08mm20pcs
2433nF  333±550V5.08mm20pcs
2547nF  473±550V5.08mm20pcs
2656nF  563±550V5.08mm20pcs
2768nF  683±550V5.08mm20pcs
2882nF  823±550V5.08mm20pcs
29100nF 104±550V5.08mm20pcs
30220nF 224±550V5.08mm20pcs
31330nF 334±550V5.08mm20pcs
32470nF 474±550V5.08mm20pcs
33680nF 684±550V5.08mm20pcs
341uF   105±550V5.08mm20pcs
352.2uF 225±550V5.08mm20pcs


Durable and easy to installVery convenient and practicalVery popular among the electronic lovers

Package included:

700 x Ceramic Capacitors

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