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320Pcs 1206 SMD Capacitor Assorted kit

$16.99 Ex Tax: $16.99
  • Product Code: lec001
  • Availability: In Stock
Product DescriptionDescription:1206 10PF 100J COG 50V1206 22PF 220J COG 50V1206 33PF 330J COG 50V1206 47PF 470J COG 50V1206 330PF 331K X7R 10V1206 470...

Product Description


1206 10PF 100J COG 50V
1206 22PF 220J COG 50V
1206 33PF 330J COG 50V
1206 47PF 470J COG 50V
1206 330PF 331K X7R 10V
1206 470NF 474K X7R 25V
1206 1NF 102K X7R 50V
1206 2.2NF 222K X7R 25V
1206 10NF 103K X7R 50V
1206 100NF 104M Y5V 50V
1206 220NF 224K X7R 25V
1206 1UF 105M Y5V 16V
1206 2.2UF 225M Y5V 16V
1206 4.7UF 475K X7R 25V
1206 10UF 106M Y5V 10V
1206 22UF 226M Y5V 10V

Package included:

320 x SMD capacitor

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